MDC Precision 是真空閥件和陶瓷密封解決方案的全球領導者。 產品包括法蘭,配件,閥門,粗加工硬件,真空閥件測量以及運動和操縱儀器,標準真空室系列,陶瓷對金屬的貫穿件,光學器件以及起泡器,分析推車和氣體輸送解決方案。

MDC Precision is a world leader in Vacuum and Ceramic Seal Solutions. Products include flanges, fittings, valves, roughing hardware, vacuum measurement and motion and manipulation instruments, a standard line of vacuum chambers, ceramic-to-metal Feedthroughs, Optics as well as Bubblers, analytical carts and Gas Delivery solutions.



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