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  Chemistry and Biotechnology - Rubix S&I
Rubix was created in 2016 by Jean-Christophe Mifsud, a trilingual french entrepreneur 22 years of experience of founding and developing High tech companies development including Analytical & Medical Instrumentation for Food Safety, environmental analysis and Point of Care diagnostic module for either B to B or B to C with wearable devices. RUBIX has more than 200 years of experience in sensors and particularly in gas sensors, VOC and odors, developing electronic nose and nuisances data banks associating miniaturized sensors arrays with AI. We capitalize on this expertise to develop customized and miniaturized multi sensors devices for environmental monitoring, (air quality, nuisances at work or at home), for intelligent home and household appliances (fridges, cooking oven) as well as non-invasive health status monitoring via breath or skin. We do develop as well the associated gas, or odors data banks that allow to identify the sources of nuisances, of food decay or health status.
Jean-Christophe MIFSUD, is a serial entrepreneur. He created RUBIX S & I in 2016 in Toulouse. Before that, in 1993, he founded and was at the head of ALPHA MOS, a key worldwide actor in the field of instruments for sensorial measures (electronic nose and language for odors and tastes analysis). The company was listed in the Paris Stock Exchange in 1988. Before building ALPHA MOS, he acquired experiences in the United States within the Finance Industry (Merger & Acquisitions) of high-tech companies. Jean-Christophe MIFSUD graduated both from The Chemistry School of Toulouse and l’ESSEC. He has a PhD in Neurochemistry from the Princeton University, NJ, United-States. He is the author of about twenty patents.
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Contact:Charlie Chen
Phone :+886-2-8751-2323 Ext: 1182
Contact:Rick Lee
Phone :+886-7-713-2000

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