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  Chemistry and Biotechnology - Fritsch GmbH - Dynamic Image Analysis Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer (20 µm – 20 mm)

Dynamic Image Analysis Particle Sizer
ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer (20 µm – 20 mm)
The new FRITSCH ANALYSETTE 28 does not only measure the particle size but also supplies reliable statements about the particle shape, via Dynamic Image Analysis – fast, easy and individually adaptable to any specific task. This is ensured by the integrated high-performance camera with 5 megapixels, telecentric lenses as well as the provided comprehensive library with numerous shape parameters. This makes both models of the ANALYSETTE 28 the ideal measuring instruments for easy quality control in various areas of application – and the fast alternative to sieving.
Ideal for the analysis of:
icon Fer tilisers | Refractory products | Glass and ceramics | Carbon products | Catalysts | Plastics | Food stuffs | Metal powders | Pharmaceutical products | Carbon black and coal | Salts and sand
icon The Dynamic Image Analysis offers the same benefits as an analysis via microscope, but delivers an average of up to 30 images per second due to the fully automatic process. As with a microscope, you can see the result of the analysis directly without any complicated evaluation. The special advantage: instead of just one image, any freely definable number of images can be recorded and evaluated. For faster representative results and higher precision in evaluation. And this for a particle size of 20 µm to 20 mm.
Heavy-duty for industrial applications
icon The core of the ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer is one of the highest-performance industrial cameras. Its 5 megapixels enable highest resolution, even with smallest particles. The lenses are optimised for industrial use: With a simple, heavy-duty design, and hermetically sealed against dust and moisture, a precise opto-mechanical setting and high optical performance are ensured at any time. And a direct Ethernet connection to the computer provides the fastest possible data transmission for evaluation of the results.
Fast alternative to sieving
icon If you perform many and frequent sieve analyses, the ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer is the ideal, time-saving alternative in just three steps: Add the sample, start the measurement, read the result. Without a preparatory and concluding weighing, assembling the sieve stack and time-consuming cleaning. And with substantially reduced follow-up costs, as there is no need to calibrate or purchase new sieves. Additionally, you receive besides the equivalent results about the particle size distribution, also valuable statements about the particle shape. And the presentation of the sieving results conform to standards, is directly included in the FRITSCH evaluation software ISS.

ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer

icon Extra-wide measuring range of 20 μm – 20 mm, individually adjustable
icon High-performance camera with telecentric lenses
icon Extensive library for morphological analysis
icon Practical tools for reliable quality monitoring
icon Fast, simple operation via SOP control
icon Practical report generator for individual presentation of results
Optimal sample feeding via feeder
icon The U-shaped cross section of the feeder ensures good material feed. The included sample guiding plates guarantee that the sample material even at a rapid feed rate falls into the falling chute at exactly the best possible lens focus range. Ask for different coatings of the feeder when using special sample materials.
Optimal number of particles due to AutoCheck
icon The AutoCheck function displays the particle concentration and therefore the ideal feed rate of the feeder. This can then be easily set and saved in the SOPs. Your advantage: always the optimum number of particles per image for a reliable and signifi cant analysis.
icon For all applications where besides the size also the shape affects the critical properties of a particle system, the ANALYSETTE 28 provides reliable statements and new findings. It shows you fast and easily whether, for example, the grains of abrasives have suffi ciently sharp edges, whether the particles of a plastic granulate are more spherical or oblong or whether the surface of an absorber is rather smooth or jagged. And because the complex shape of any particle cannot be described with a simple figure, the ImageSizing-Software ISS of the ANALYSETTE 28 offers a comprehensive library of morphology parameters for you to choose from.

ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer / ANALYSETTE 28 ImageTec


ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer

Measuring range

20 µm - 20 mm

Method of analysis

Dynamic Image Analysis


ISO 13322-2

Type of analysis

Dry measurement of free-flowing powders and bulk solids


Particle shape and particle size


4 different, easy-to-change telecentric lenses

Measuring ranges:

1. 150 µm - 20 mm (included)

2.  52 µm - 6.7 mm (optional)

3.  28 µm - 3.5 mm (optional)

4.  20 µm - 2.7 mm (optional)


2/3", 5 megapixel CCD (b/w) camera interline progressive scan, Gigabit Ethernet

Measuring time

< 5 min (depending on the desired measuring statistics)

Sample quantity

10 - 100 g

Measuring speed

Max. 15 image/s at 5 mil. pixels

Max. 30 image/s at 1.2 mil. pixels


Fast image analysis for morphology description and particle size determination

Required computers

Minimum hardware requirements

Intel Core i7 Quad Core processor or equivalent

8 GB system memory

Primary drive: 256 GB SSD

Secondary drive: 1 TB HDD

NVIDIA graphics card

USB port

22" monitor with 1920 x 1080 pixels or better

Additional network interface card supporting JumboFrames for connection of the GigE camera (e. g. Intel Pro/1000 GT)

Minimum software requirements

Windows 7 or higher (64 bit)

Adobe PDF reader

Dimensions (w x d x h)

90 x 30 x 50 cm

Net weight

43.8 kg


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