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  Chemistry and Biotechnology - Fritsch GmbH

FRITSCH is a leading manufacturer of application oriented laboratory instruments. Our equipment is used worldwide for sample preparation and particle analysis. For the fast industrial application in process monitoring and quality assurance, as well as for the especially accurate research technology in industry and research laboratories.
FRITSCH was founded 1920 as an independent family business. Today 80 employees work in the headquarters in Idar-Oberstein, as well as in our subsidiaries in France, Russia, Singapore, China and USA. Approximately 85% of our annual revenue of 17 million € we generate along with our trade partners worldwide.
Our core competence is the innovative development and production of premium instruments for sample preparation and particle size analysis. Due to our activities worldwide, we are familiar with problematic tasks from different industries and convert these into constructive solutions. All FRITSCH instruments offer highest dependability with innovative technology in combination with simplest operation.
We insist on quality without compromise and extensive service. Quality means for FRITSCH: All instruments bear the CE mark and are produced according to the quality standard ISO 9001. Service means for us individual and competent consultation, technical support, installation, maintenance and repair and this worldwide and individual.
High-Tech Particle Sizing by FRITSCH
icon Static Laser Scattering Particle Sizer
icon Dynamic Image Analysis Particle Sizer
ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer (20 µm – 20 mm)
Simple. Flexible. Reliable.
Contact:Martin Chang
Phone :+886-2-8751-2323 Ext: 1185
Contact:Richard Yeh
Phone :+886-7-713-2000
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