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  Chemistry and Biotechnology - Fluid Imaging Technologies - FlowWam Macro

FlowWam Macro
Based on proven FlowCam dynamic imaging particle analysis technology, and optimized for larger particles (300 μm to 5 mm), FlowCam Macro provides rapid particle characterization that goes beyond just particle size. Direct, image-based measurements of particle size and shape enable differentiation of particle types in a heterogeneous mixture.
Main Features:
icon 1. Measures particle size and shape - over 30 morphological measurements on each particle imaged.
2. Provides superior image quality and image-based measurements - fast and accurate results you can see, backed by the quantitative data to prove it.
3. Gives statistically relevant results quickly - allows you to look at tens of thousands of particles per minute.
4. Allows automated, trainable, statistically-based pattern recognition - saves time by isolating different types of particles into categories and sub-populations.
Standard Certification:
icon 1. Zooplankton identification and characterization
2. Food & beverage characterization
3. Fiber characterization
4. Polymers, crystals, powders and other chemicals particle analysis

FlowCam Macro

Particle Count




Particle Size (ABD/ESD)


Measured Parameters

Basic Shape Parameters: Area, Aspect Ratio (width/length), Area Based Diameter (ABD), Equivalent Spherical Diameter (ESD), Length, Biovolume calculations

Advanced Morphology Parameters: Area (Filled), Circle Fit, Circularity, Circularity (Hu), Compactness, Convex Perimeter, Convexity, Elongation, Fiber Curl, Fiber Straightness, Geodesic Aspect Ratio, Geodesic Length, Geodesic Thickness, Perimeter, Roughness, Symmetry

Particle Size Range

300 μm to 5 mm

Image Type

8-bit Grayscale (Monochrome Camera) or 24-bit Color (Color Camera)

Image Format

8-bit Monochrome TIFF or 24-bit Color TIFF


High capacity industrial peristaltic pump, 2 mm (deep) or 5 mm (deep) flow cell

Flow Rate

Up to 750 mL/minute

VisualSpreadsheet ®

Patented Interactive Scattergram® (allows particle selection directly from any graph or scattergram), automated value and statistical pattern recognition, interactive image-based filtering and sorting, up to 4 simultaneous histograms/scattergrams displayed (from 16 total available), direct export of all data and summary data to Excel (or any other spreadsheet), print to PDF, automatic classification, and filtering during acquisition. Software supports export of images to open-source image analysis programs.


28 kg with pump


82 cm x 60 cm


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