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  Chemistry and Biotechnology - ELTRA- Carbon / Sulfur Analyzer CS-580
Carbon / Sulfur Analyzer CS-580
The CS-2000 automatic analyser incorporates the latest in combustion technology. It is designed for the rapid simultaneous determination of carbon and sulfur in steel, cast iron, copper, alloys, ores, cement, ceramics, carbides, minerals, coal, coke, oil, ashes, catalysts, lime, gypsum, soils, rubber, leaves, soot, tobacco, waste, sand, glass, etc.
The CS-2000 can be supplied with up to four independent infrared cells. The sensitivities of the cells resp. the IR-absorbtion lengths can be individually selected to offer optimum precision for the analysis of high and low levels of both, sulfur and carbon. The CS-2000 features a microcontroller, a high temperature resistance furnace up to 1550XC, an induction furnace and solid state infrared detectors with auto zero and auto range control. Separate cabinets eliminate any influence of temperature between the resistance furnace and the analytical unit. This modular design gives the user flexibility to position the resistance furnace to the left or right of the analyzer and also allows the installation of a TIC-module between the two. The modular design makes servicing much easier compared to single cabinet analyzers.
Low carbon
Up to 0.1% C at 500mg sample resp. up to 0.5mg C1)
Low carbon
Up to 1.25mg C resp. up to 0.25% C at 500mg sample1)
High carbon
Up to 5% C at 500mg sample resp. up to 25mg C1)
Indicating range up to 100% C2)
High carbon
Up to 100mg C resp. up to 20% C at 500mg sample1)
Indicating range up to 100% C2)
Low sulfur
0.3% S at 500mg sample resp. up to 1.5mg S1)
Low sulfur
Up to 10mg S resp. up to 2% S at 500mg sample1)
High sulfur
30% S at 150mg sample resp. up to 45mg S1)
Indicating range up to 100% S2)

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