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 Chemistry and Biotechnology - ELTRA

In the early 1980`s the development of its first Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer let to the creation of ELTRA. Initially ELTRA`s objective was to offer high quality products at affordable prices. This still remains the foundation of the ELTRA policy today.
Proof of the success of this policy is the hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide. With the creation of new levels of performance to price ratios ELTRA`s World market share has rapidly increased.
The introduction of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen analyzers has meant year by year ELTRA has entered new markets in many different countries.
The steel, automobile, mining and aerospace industries, among others, are all customers of ELTRA.

icon Carbon / Sulfur Analyzer CS-580
icon Oxygen / Hydrogen Analyzer OH-900
icon Oxygen / Nitrogen Analyzer ON-900
icon Carbon / Hydrogen / Sulfur Analyzer CHS-580
icon  Oxygen / Nitrogen / Hydrogen Analyzer ELEMENTRAC ONH-2000
icon Hydrogen Analyzer H-500
icon Thermogravimetric Analyzer TGA Thermostep
Contact:Richard Yeh
Phone :+886-7-713-2000
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