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  Chemistry and Biotechnology - Echo - Respirometer

Respirometer is a device that measures respiraon of living organisms. Respirometer determines aerobic or anaerobic biodegradability of solid or liquid samples in various applicaons.
Respirometer measures O2 and CO2 concentraon in flow through the sample under controlled condions. Addional gases can also be measured.
Main Features:
icon 1. Suitable for solid and liquid samples
2. Aerobic and anaerobic measurements
3. MFC (mass flow control) is set for each channel separately
4. Optional sensors : CH₄, H₂S, H₂, VOC, etc
5. Temperature range: 5°C - 70°C
6. Automatic humidification and condensate removal system
7. Automatic leakage detection
Standard Certification:
icon ISO 14855-1, ASTM D5338
ISO 14852
ASTM D6691, OECD 301B
icon Biodegradability of plastics in solid and aqueous medium
Organic waste (solid or liquid samples)
Food & beverage production
Compost biological activity
R&D in biotechnology, biology, ecology and pharmacy
icon 1. Dimensions - Control unit: 60 x 60 x 60 cm, Weight: 50kg
2. Dimensions - Thermostatic chamber: 60 x 60 x 105 cm, Weight: 70kg
3. O₂ and CO₂ sensors
4. MFC +/- 1,5% FS: 0-200ml/min or 0-1l/min
5. Vessels for solid medium measurements - 2,8l
6. Vessels for liquid medium measurements - 125ml - 1000ml
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