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  Chemistry and Biotechnology - Berghof- Acid purification apparatus

Acid purification apparatus
This unique subboiling system is employed to produce high-purity acids for use in trace analysis by acid distillation. The acid is always fresh and is therefore guaranteed to be of the desired purity. Contaminated acids can be re-cleaned.
Contact-free heating of the acids by means of an infrared lamp allows an equilibrium between the absorbed IR radiation and the liquid's evaporation heat to be established. This equilibrium state is reached at approx. 10°C/50°F below the individual acid's boiling point. This allows the acid to evaporate slowly for a gentle distillation.
By cleaning more economical low purity acids, you can save up to 90% of the cost of analytically pure acids. As a rule, the system therefore pays for itself within the first year
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