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  Chemistry and Biotechnology - AcroMass Technologies, Inc.

AcroMass Technology Inc. was established in 2010 to develop a unique mass spectrometer for wide mass range detection. It is a completely owned subsidiary company of Scientech Corporation. First product covers molecular range from 500 to 500k Da, aiming at applications which include Medicine, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Polymers, etc. A few systems have been tested at major research institutes and hospitals, producing breakthrough results. We expect formal introduction to the market in early 2018.
Mass spectrometer is an instrument which is high sensitive and high accurate to detect molecular weight. It has been widely used in professional laboratories. According to Instrument Industry Outlook, the global market of mass spectrometer is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.9%. The market size is expected to be worth approximately 4.5 billion US dollars in 2018.
icon AMS-200 series:inTrap MALDI Mass Spectrometer
– Dual ion sources : MALDI & ESI as plug-in
– Extended mass range to 500k Da
– High resolution performance at 150k Da
– Direct bipolar ion detection

Contact:Rick Lee
Phone :+886-7-713-2000
Contact:Sunny Yu
Phone :+886-2-8751-2323 Ext: 1137
  • What is mass spectrometer?
    Mass spectrometer is a highly sensitive instrument in analytical chemistry. It can be used to identify unknown compounds. Due to high sensitivity and high accuracy, mass spectrometer has been widely used in a large number of fields such as medicine, pharmacy, pharmaceutical, material science, and pollutants in the environment.
  • What can AMS-200 series do?
    Based on the range of ion mass/charge ratio, AMS-200 series can be used in many topics, e.g., bloodstream infection, single nucleotide polymorphism detection, defensins detection, and other omics.
  • What is the most unique feature of AMS-200 series?
    The most unique characteristic of AMS-200 series is the widest mass range direct detection among all. By using AMD-200 series, users are able to analyze macromolecules directly.
  • Do I need training before using AMS-200 series?
    Please refer to user manuals.
  • What is the ionization method of AMS-200 series?
    MALDI technique is used for AMD-201. In addition, ESI plugin can be applied to support liquid ionization as well.
  • How do I prepare samples for AMS-200 series?
    Best sample preparation methods are varied based on different analytes. A general sample preparation procedure is described as follows:
    1. Wash thoroughly with methanol and H2O
    2. Mix sinapinc acid (matrix) with acetone until it is saturated.
    3. Place 0.5 μL matrix on the sample plate and do not exceed the elliptic boundary
    4. After drying, you can check crystallization via microscope. The best case is uniform crystallization.
    5. Mix acetone with H2O. Concentration ratio: ACN:H2O = 40%:60% or 50%:50% (+0.1%TFA)
    6. Place 0.5 μL sample on the sample plate. Please DO NOT touch the plate with the tip and DO NOT dissolve and penetrate the bottom matrix
    7. The sample is ready to use once it is dried.
  • How long does it take to perform an experiment?
    Once samples are prepared, it only takes around five to ten minutes. Accordingly, AMS-200 series reveal advantage of high throughput analysis.
  • What if I have interest in AMS-200 series?
    Please email and we will contact you.。

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