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  Packaging & Testing - Plasma-Therm - Singulator® MDS-100, MDS-300

Singulator® MDS-100, MDS-300
Plasma-Therm's Singulator® models MDS-100 and MDS-300 are the first volume-production-ready plasma singulation systems.
Singulator® systems deliver unique benefits compared to traditional dicing techniques, especially for thin and ultra-thin wafers:
1.Smooth sidewalls
2.No lateral damage
3.Improved die strength
4.Street size as small as 10μm and less
5.Capable of processing wafers less than 50μm thick
6.Dicing of non-rectangular dies (rounded corners, key shape, etc.)
Main Features:
Tape-frame cassette handling system
1.Supports industry-standard dicing tape with plastic or metal frames
2.Load two cassettes with up to 25 frames each
3.Continuous operation for 4-, 6-, 8-inch wafers on 8-inch tape frames, and 12" wafers on tape frames
4.Integrated laminar flow and anti-static bars for operation in backend environment
High-rate process chamber
1.Yield-enhancing, proprietary plasma source
2.Highest throughput — up to 3,000 mm/sec dicing speed equivale
Standard Certification:
icon 1.Automatic data logging and charting
2.Automated maintenance scheduler
3.Factory system integration (SECS/GEM)
4. ISO 9001
icon On-tape process extendibility
1.TSV reveal
2.Wafer thinning
3.Stress relief
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