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  LCD - Rehm Thermal - Fast firing

Fast firing
Products designs and makes in Germany, the craft dependability that ensure the quality of products, the products of our company are in the solar energy factory (yingli) profit runs, the whole state is fine, the material, design, safeguard, it is approved to serve etc.
Main Features:
icon Dryer 7 zone, firing 8 zone (co-firing 5 zone + firing 3 zone), cool 2 zone toral length 9.7 M ,wafer out temp < 40J
icon Easy to maintenance
icon Lamp replace quickly
icon Design to use energy efficiently
icon Low CoO
icon Low deviation for chamber temp. cross profil
icon Devided belt system to cool downquickly.
icon Safty Outlet temperature
icon Dual lane transport for highproduction
Standard Certification:
icon Metal contact for Si Solar Cell
icon AgAl bus bars/ Al rear contact/ Ag front contact
icon Customerized
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