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  LCD - KITEC microelectronic technologie GmbH

KITEC microelectronic technologie GmbH was found in 1987 to market equipment and consumables used for semiconductor production technologies, thin film technologies and microelecronics technologies.
KITEC microelectronic technologie GmbH operates as distributor and manufacturer’s representative for hightech leading edge products. It is specialized in products for frontend wafer processing, wafer handling, metrology and also on products used for general thin film technologies and flat panel display technologies.
KITEC microelectronic technologie GmbH is operating very successful throughout Europe with a link to the US market. We are completing our line card with new products for a better service to our customers. Please review the products presented on this page. Please feel free to contact us at KITEC microelectronic technologie GmbH for any question you may have for the use of the products in your particular application

icon LCD-R 2100
Non-Contact LCD-R resistivity Measurement
icon M-RES2000M
Non-Contact Resistance Measurement
Contact:Zoe Liu
Phone :+886-3-516-5177 Ext:8250
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