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  LCD - Kingsemi - KS-S300-C/D: 300mm Spin Coater/Developer

KS-S300-C/D: 300mm Spin Coater/Developer
This tool is designed for Advanced Packaging BGA, Flip-Chip, WSP, CSP processes. It can coat and develop high viscosity PR and PI.
System FeatureG
icon Unique coating unit, eliminating Cotton Candy issue in coater.
icon Temperature gradient controlled by gradual baking process.
icon Coating, developing and baking for super thick photoresist.
icon Wafer Size: 300mm, 200mm
icon Coater Film Uniformity: ≤5%
icon PR Viscosity: Max. 20,000 cp
icon Option: Spray Coater, Scrubber, FFU, THC, AD.
icon Tool Dimensions: W1800D1700H2200 (mm)
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