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  LCD - Dawonsys - Vacuum Plasma Device

Vacuum Plasma Device

Main Features:
icon 1.Surface Reforming Device of Low-Vacuum Plasma
2.Possibility of Batch Type Treatment for the Objects for Treating with 3D Surface
3.Chamber Size and Docking parts changeable according to Balance Form, Cassette Size or Size of Objects for Treating.
4.Easy Installation and Maintenance
Standard Certification:
icon 1.Process prior to Semiconductor Die Attach and Process prior to Wire Bonding and Wafer Cleaning Process
2.Surface Adhesion Improve Process during Molding. And Solder Ball Adhesion and Entire Process of Mounting
3.Removal Process of Silicon Dioxide Film on the Surface of Medical Products
4.Adhesion Improvement of Auto Parts Surface and the Prior Process of Coating
5.Alternate Device of Flux Process in the Process of PCB Soldering
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