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  LCD - Dawonsys - AP Plasma Clean / Surface Treatment

AP Plasma Clean / Surface Treatment

Outline of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma
Due to the thermal motion of Ions and free electrons in the plasma, the molecules or atoms can be ionized and be excited in it. The exited or ionized molecules like this easily reacts with other molecules or atoms, and through those chemical reactions performs surface modification to the surface of objects for which surface treatment is required. Using such a principle of a plasma, several types of atmospheric and vacuum plasma were developed and widely applied to improve the performance of the cleaning/ adhesive/ coating/ painting/ plating/ deposition in the area of FPD, an optical film, a touch panel, a rechargeable battery, PCB, and automobile and semiconductor industries until now. And in the future, plasma devices are expected to be applied to specific industrial sectors such as environment and beauty through continuous research and development.
Main Features:
icon Vacuum Equipment is not Required, Low price of the equipment, Fast Treatment Process and High Productivity Wide Range of Applications, Wide Treatment Surface Area and Three-dimensional Treatment Process
Standard Certification:
icon FPD Area
This is the device for surface cleaning and the process prior to adhesion of various glass Panel such as LCD, LTPS and OLED, does not require vacuum exhaust, and is able to carry out the damage-free surface cleaning process by using uniform atmospheric Plasma, blocking fundamentally the occurrence of stremer and Arc, which are the problems of atmospheric Plasma. In addition, the electrodes of Dawonsys has such an easy extensibility that can be applied from the first generation small board up to the 10-th generation large Panel of 3000mm.
TSP Area
For adhesion / coating ability improvement and void / contamination removal in the main process of the touch panel such as cleaning, OCA / OCR, Lamination, ACF, AR / AF Coating processes it can be applied as the several type of atmospheric Plasma forms , and can treat the various Glass and Film without damage with the uniform atmospheric Plasma discharge .
icon 1.Maximum processing width: 3,000mm
2.Maximum transport speed: 10m/min per Electrode.
3.Proper Gap: 3 ~ 10 mm
4.Power Supply Capacity: up to 15 KW Level
5.Maximum Applied Voltage: 15KV (Normal 14KV)
6.Gas MFC Accuracy: ± 2.0%
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