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  LCD - Advanced Energy - Power Supply System - LOW- / MID-FREQUENCY POWER SYSTEMS

icon PDX® Mid-Frequency Power Supplies
  The PDX® series of low-power (1250 and 1400 W) and high-power (5000 and 8000 W) mid-frequency power supplies offers a highly efficient, compact, easy-to-integrate source of power for a wide variety of process applications. These highly reliable power supplies enhance process flexibility, deliver a wide operating frequency range for optimized process control, ensure high process repeatability, and improve throughput.
icon PEII Low-Frequency Series
  The low-frequency PEII series provides 40 kHz pulse width modulation (PWM) power supplies featuring enhanced arc control and internal load matching with outputs of up to 60 kWXwith no external combining hardware such as transformers.
icon LFGS RF Generators
  The versatile, variable-frequency LFGS RF generator (1250 W, 40 to 500 kHz) suits a wide variety of semiconductor and general plasma-processing applications, including sputtering, reactive ion etching, plasma deposition, polymerization, and surface treatment. Its compact 19", rack-mountable, air-cooled package eases installation and saves valuable space. With a half-bridge, class-D amplifier design, the LFGS power supply enables the lowest reflected power commercially available.
icon Crystal®
  Precise power control is essential for high-density, uniform, reactively sputtered films. The Crystal® power supply offers process engineers and operators a repeatable method for improving throughput and yield with quick yet stable power, fast arc detection, and low arc energy. With power granularity from 60 to 180 kW, it is certain to match the demands of your low-e coating applications
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