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Semiconductor III-V Group - RAVE - Merlin

Merlin is the global standard in 15nm production mask repair V RAVE nanomachining has become the preferred production technique for ultra-precision repair of advanced, critical level Photomasks. The Merlin®-G Series, RAVEs fifth generation nanomachining system technology, is the most widely used AFM Guided Nanomachine in the world. Merlin® systems set RAVE apart as the company that can develop and deliver the innovative nano-scale material shaping processes required to keep the Semiconductor Industry in concert with Moores Law through the 15 nanometer technology node and beyond. For examples of the Merlin®-G mask repair capability see our Merlin®-G performance results page.
Main Features:
icon 1. Production 15nm technology node mask repair for all optical mask types with accuracy and precision suitable for 10nm node development including EUV.
2. AFM guided nanomachining repair processes are defined by final geometry, independent of material composition, material interfaces or geometry being removed.
3. Extraordinary depth (Z) control to target permits repairs to be specifically matched to the specified reference or differentially biased at or below the substrate surface for exact phase matching.
4. Iterative repair capability and planar material removal guarantees repaired areas with a much wider Through Focus transmission window.
5. Standard BitClean® Function V Special hardware and software automation that provides final pre-pellicle local clean capability using the nanomachining tip for the removal of persistent unknown particle contamination.
6. Integrated pattern copy functions with optional Design Image Retrieval V External pattern management computer hardware and Merlin®-G system interface software providing the capability to retrieve segments of mask repair area pattern images from original design files, correct for AFM scanned image, display and overlay on the designated repair area for operator executed repair.
7. Production proven nanomachining with no vacuum requirement, no chemistries, no chemical residues, no beam related charging effects, no need for constant drift correction by re-registration to undesirable positioning markers.
8. Fully automated, Iso Class 1 SMIF interface, highly user friendly GUI software and process control programs for ease of use and speed of repair operations with optional SECS/GEM communications interface.
Standard Certification:
icon Merlin: Repairing mask and removing particle contamination by nanobit technology
icon 1. Nanomachinable Materials: Chrome, MoSiON, OMOG, Quartz, EUV, Foreign Materials, Persistent Particles
2. Edge Placement: ≤ 50 Å ( from target) All Materials
3. Depth (Z) Control: ≤ 30 Å ( from target) All Materials

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