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  Semiconductor III-V Group - MDC - Vacuum and Ceramic Seal Solutions 1

MDC Global Sales Representatives
Vacuum and Ceramic Seal Solutions 1
Key Features
A world leader in Vacuum and Ceramic Seal Solutions
MDC Vacuum founded in 1965
Privately owned
Headquartered in Hayward, CA
Over 200 employees worldwide
Three business units
Three manufacturing locations worldwide
Service 6,000+ customers - Broad range of industries
Main Features:
Standard Certification:
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icon Bio & Pharmaceutical
icon Clean Technology
icon Defense
icon General Industrial
icon Government
icon Medical Devices
icon National Labs
icon Oil & Gas
icon Research & Development
icon Semiconductor
icon LED
icon Solar
icon Nuclear
icon Flanges and Fittings
icon Valves
icon Roughing Components
icon Vacuum Measurement
icon Motion and Manipulation
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icon High Voltage Isolators
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