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  Semiconductor III-V Group - Plasma-Therm - RIE / ICP Etcher (Manual Vision Series / ICP / DSE / RIE-Load Lock)

RIE / ICP Etcher (Manual Vision Series / ICP / DSE / RIE-Load Lock)
icon  icon
Plasma Etching or Dry Etching is a plasma based process that facilitates the removal of material from the surface of a substrate. Typically, plasma processing of semiconductor materials is performed in a vacuum environment. The key to dry etching is the creation of reactive species within the plasma that can react with the material on the substrate with the formation of forming volatile reaction byproducts. Dry etching processes are often broken into four mechanisms which must be understood for effective etch system design.
Main Features:
icon Formation of active gas species.
icon Transport of the active species to the surface.
icon Reaction at the surface.
icon Pump down of the reaction products.
Standard Certification:
icon Wafer transfer systems for the semiconductor industry.
icon 25+25(Merge)<->50 Wafers
icon For PP. PFA, SIC, Quartz, Metal,KCarriers
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