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  Semiconductor III-V Group - Neutronix Quintel - NXQ4000 Series Mask Aligner

NXQ4000 Series Mask Aligner
Semi-Automatic Sequencing, Makes the NXQ4000's Very Easy to use!
  ━ Manual Load – Contact printer
  ━ Manual Align
  ━ Up to 200mm Wafers
Main Features:
  ■ Substrate sizes from pieces to 200mm (8") diameter
■ VideoView Microscope with High Definition Cameras and Dual HD Monitors. Splitfield/ singlefield alignment, Infinity Corrected 5x Objectives, 7x Optical Zoom (select desired field of view and magnification). Optional Objectives – 2x, 7.5x, 10x or 20x
■ Through Objective LED Illumination
■ Low Diffraction, High Resolution Printing Optics
■ Soft/Hard Pressure Contact. Vacuum Contact and Manual Proximity exposure modes
■ Manual X-Y joystick and micrometer theta alignment stage. X-Y Micrometers optional
■ Z Axis – Frictionless air bearing – highly reliable and maintenance free
■ Easy manual tray-load for substrate loading / unloading
■ Automatic Wedge Error Compensation and movement to Align Gap after loading wafer
■ Topside mask loading
■ UltraSense constant power or constant intensity UV power supply
■ Vibration Isolation table included as standard
■ Very intuitive and easy operation, well suited for multi-user labs
■ Extremely reliable, low maintenance and low cost of ownership
■ Pulsed exposure timer sequencing
Standard Certification:
  ■ Microelectronics
■ 2.5D Interposer
■ MicroFluidics
■ Compound Semi
■ Solar (HCPV)
■ Optoelectronics applications
  ■ Print Modes: Soft/Hard Pressure, Vacuum Contact and Manual Proximity print modes
■ Print Resolution: = / >0.6 microns (with vacuum contact-)
■ Alignment Stage
  ━Alignment Travel: X-Y +/- 3.8mm
  ━Alignment Travel Theta: +/- 7 degrees
  ━Top side Alignment overlay*: less than 1 micron
  ━Bottom side Alignment overlay*: less than 1.5 microns (OBS), less than 3 microns (IR)
* Operator/ process dependant Video View
■ Video View Microscope Travel Range
  ━Left Microscope Travel X: -22mm to Wafer Edge
  ━With Offset Objectives : -5.5mm to Wafer Edge
  ━Right Microscope Travel X: +22mm to Wafer Edgen
  ━With Offset Objectives: +5.5mm to Wafer Edge
  ━R/L Microscope Travel in Y: +/- 12.7mm (Optional Extended Y Travel Microscope: +12.7mm, -88mm)
■ UV Lamphouse/ UV Exposure Optics
  ━UV Lamphouse: 350/500W or 500/1KW
  ━Exposure Optics UV: (350-450 nm) Standard
  ━Exposure Optics NUV (Optional): (280-350nm)
  ━Exposure Optics MID UV (Optional): (280-450nm)
  ━Exposure Optics DUV (Optional): (220-280nm)
  ━UV Uniformity: +/- 4%, 6” diameter field, +/- 5%, 8” diameter field
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