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  Semiconductor III-V Group - M Napra - Nanocomposite: Napra’s proprietary IMC composite

M Napra Co., Ltd.

Nanocomposite: Napra’s proprietary IMC composite

Napra has unique technology to mix the IMCC(Cu6Sn5) nanoparticle with Cu/Sn particle together and form the special composite. This IMCC composites very similar with current SAC solder. Almost same electrical resistance as SAC305
Main Features:
icon 1.M Napra succeeded in developing Cu-Sn based nanocomposite fine particle ahead of the world
2.Suppression of voids after sintering
3.Making robust IMC skeleton structure in the Joint area
4.IMC is much stable and solid than current SAC solder
Standard Certification:
icon Got the High Performance Materials of Wire Bonding Materials for Next Generation Semiconductors Development in 2018 Annual from Nanotech Japan Organization
icon 1. TIM (Thermal Interface Material)
2. IMC interconnect material
3. 3D Printing / Power system / LED / IoT & MEMS devices / TGV / TSV 3DIC / Touch & Solar Panel / Embedded substrate
icon 1. Raw materials: manufacturing method of IMC metal particles, manufacturing machine of IMC metal particles
2. Secondary processing products: solder paste, resin solder paste, profiled solder, IMC insulating glass
3. Secondary processing machine: vacuum press, filling machine (prototype), printing machine (prototype)
4. Three processing products: TSV, TGV, TFRV, BG ball, built-in antenna
5. Patent access rights
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