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  Semiconductor III-V Group - KLA - P-7 / P-17 / P-17 OF Stylus Profiler

Contact:Wayne Tseng
Phone :+886-3-516-5177 Ext: 8270
Contact:Ray Hsieh
Phone :+886-3-516-5177 Ext: 8284
P-7 / P-17 / P-17 OF Stylus Profiler
KLA Surface Profilers P-7
KLA Surface Profilers P-17
KLA Surface Profilers P-17 OF
Step Height Measurement, Etch depth, Roughness, Waviness
Main Features:
icon The P-7 / P-17 / P-17OF stylus profiler builds on the success of KLA's market-leading stylus profilers for the semiconductor, data storage, MEMS, solar, opto-electronics and general purpose markets.
This mid-range platform brings together all the superior scanning features associated with the KLA brand �X programmable scan stage, low noise, and high quality, high resolution long scans �X with the best price-to-performance capabilities available from any manufacturer.
Standard Certification:
icon SEMI S2, S8, and S14
European CE
WEEE and RoHS �V 2002/95/EC
icon Semiconductor, LED, LCD, Photovoltaic, Material, LCD, Thin Film
icon 1. Better than 4 Å step height repeatability with sub-Angstrom vertical resolution
2. 150 mm motorized sample positioning stage with universal locator (optional 156 x 156 mm solar and 200 mm universal locators)
3. 150 mm (P-7) and 200mm (P-17) scan length �V no stitching required
4. Up to 1 mm Z-range for measuring steps from 5 nm to 1 mm
5. Constant force control 0.03 �V 50 mg
6. Top or side view optics
7. 3D metrology
8. Apex 2D and 3D advanced surface analysis software
9. Windows 7, 64-bit with MS Office
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