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  Chemistry and Biotechnology - LCTech- LCTech ThermELUTE

The FREESTLYE System allows for complete automation of sample preparation for the analysis of Aflatoxins and Ochratoxin A in all regulated matrices.
For this purpose the FREESTYLE Basic is equipped with an SPE module and the new ThermELUTE module. The system is connected to a common HPLC device – the result is a comprehensive automation and a raw extract handled to the ready chromatogram without manual working steps between.
The method behind: The extracted, diluted and filtered sample is loaded onto the high-performance SMART column (AflaCLEAN SMART or OtaCLEAN SMART) via the FREESTYLE robotic system. After rinsing, the column is heated to break the bond between toxin and antibody. The sample is then directly eluted into the HPLC sample loop as partial filling with a large volume of water. The injection valve switches, the sample is loaded onto the column, the analytes are separated, then derivatised (aflatoxin B1, G1) and detected in a fluorescence detector.
Without the need for complex technical equipment, very good results can be achieved in combination with the SMART columns. The following four main parameters can be optimised:
1. Excellent recovery rates
2. A significant increase in sensitivity through direct injection/elution from the column into the HPLC sample loop. This allows e.g. for a quantitative detection in the region of less than 10 ppt as sum parameter for aflatoxins and 30 ppt for ochratoxin A, as necessary for e.g. baby food.
3. A high sample throughput > 70 samples / day through perfect timing with the HPLC device, which analyses a sample, whilst the FREESTYLE system conducts sample processing for the next one.
4. Automation for round-the-clock sample processing
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