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  Chemistry and Biotechnology - LCTech- LCTech FREESTYLE SPE/GPC/Precise and quantitative concentrated/Fully Automated

LCTech FREESTYLE SPE/GPC/Precise and quantitative concentrated/Fully Automated
Our new FREESTYLE™ videos below:
icon Features
The FREESTYLE BASIC is obligatory
The FREESTYLE BASIC is the basic building block consisting of xyz-robot including injection pump, sample loop, solvent
distribution and double-walled needle. Using modules, the basic system is then customized to perform specific tasks.
Modules can be retrofitted at any time, which makes the system responsive to changing requirements in the laboratory.
Powerful software permits the selection of individual modules or the application of all functions within one single method.
For example, in SPE (solid phase extraction) the SPE steps may be carried out alone or in combination with the EVAporation module.
Subsequent concentration could be automated including a possibly necessary solvent exchange.
New approaches for the automation of SPE applications.
The most important feature of the FREESTYLE SPE module is the solid connection of the SPE column with the robotic arm through which the columns can be moved to any area on the platform. This opens up completely new possibilities for automation, e.g. in sample loading or for a multi-stage elution.
The connection of column with robotic arm allows controlled pressure application of up to 4 bars, which is particularly important for applications in which the column can become blocked through suspended particles.
All SPE standard formats (1, 3, 6, 8, 15 mL) or LCTech glass columns (up to 15 mL) can be used for automation; or indeed mixed within one sample sequence.
icon FREESTYLE EVAporation
Concentration of the samples to a defined end volume of between 0.2 mL and 5.0 mL
Evaporation is a comparatively easy task, but nevertheless fraught with enormous potential for error. The FREESTYLE EVAporation system, however, provides a solution with its reliable and reproducible evaporation. Samples are sequentially evaporated, similar to the rotatory evaporator principle, or blown off with nitrogen. Alternatively, both principles can be combined. In this way, volatile analytes can be reliably processed.
An automated solvent exchange is also possible. The whole process can be parameterized: final volume, vacuum, nitrogen, temperature – all easily configured via the software and reproducibly defined within a method. Unique is the ability to calibrate the vacuum chamber at any time. This allows to integrate the testing of the evaporation step in an accredited laboratory and to reconfirm the result.
Clean-up with the traditional, universal method.
Sample clean-up via GPC (gel permeation chromatography) is used for all samples in the analysis of residues and contaminants and is therefore universally applicable. Amongst others, this methods is described in detail in § 64 LFGB under L 00.00-34 (originally DFG S19). The FREESTYLE GPC is ideal for automatic processing of these samples: flexible, suitable for large series, easy to handle and highly efficient. In combination with the EVAporation module, the samples are prepared with or without solvent exchange and presented in GC vials ready for analysis. Due to the high quality components, the system is durable, low maintenance and a guarantee for reliable performance.
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