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  LCD - Kingsemi - KS-S300-C/D: 300mm Spin Coater/Developer

KS-S300-C/D: 300mm Spin Coater/Developer
This tool is designed for Advanced Packaging BGA, Flip-Chip, WSP, CSP processes. It can coat and develop high viscosity PR and PI.
System Feature:
icon Unique coating unit, eliminating “Cotton Candy” issue in coater.
icon Temperature gradient controlled by gradual baking process.
icon Coating, developing and baking for super thick photoresist.
icon Wafer Size: 300mm, 200mm
icon Coater Film Uniformity: ≤5%
icon PR Viscosity: Max. 20,000 cp
icon Option: Spray Coater, Scrubber, FFU, THC, AD.
icon Tool Dimensions: W1800×D1700×H2200 (mm)
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