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  Scientech Tool - Wet Bench

Scientech engages in Wet-Bench R/D and Manufacturing since 2002. Our tool performance has been well recognized by many Taiwan and overseas customers. Currently, we have a 3,750 T manufacturing facility with Class 1 Clean Room. Our products include Manual/Semi-Auto/Full-Auto Wet-Benches for 2~12 applications. We own proprietary cassette type/boat type/cassette-less type technologies to serve customers of Semiconductor Wafer, Sapphire, Glass, Solar Wafer, Thinning WafersKetc. Our patented IPA Dryer Advantech Dry meets customers most critical demanding of advanced dry process.

Details as followsG
icon Wet Bench for Front-end Semiconductor
RCA Clean / Etching / PR Strip / Reclaim / Mask Cleaner
icon Wet Bench for Back-end Semiconductor
Clean / Etching / PR Strip / Plating / Developer / Mask Cleaner
icon Wet Bench for MEMS
Clean / PR Strip / Si Etching / Oxide Release
icon Wet Bench for GaAs
Clean / PR Strip / Metal Lift-Off / Plating / Etching
icon Wet Bench for LED
High Temperature Phosphoric Acid Etching / KOH Etching / ITO, BOE, SPM, HCl Etching / PR Stripper / Developer
icon Wet Bench for Solar Cell
icon Advantech Dryer
icon Wet Bench for Parts/Tube Clean
icon Chemical Supply System
icon OEM for Tools

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