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  Semiconductor III-V Group - SEMES - IP-300H

This machine is to detect a condition of chips by contacting the pad inside of the chips with tiny needles. (logics IC device)
Main Features:
icon 1. Contact accuracy: X/Y 1.5um
2. Special optical alignment (non-contact hologram projection, patented)
3. Temp rising and cooling efficiency (2/3 time saving)
4. Better CoO air chiller solution (in-situ tool)
5. Bigger polishing plate area=>210mm*160mm
6. Superb automation experiences=>OHT/AGV/RGV
7. Specific software: auto install system/IP-net
8. Heavier tool weight with high reliability materials
9. Higher MTBF than competitions
Standard Certification:
icon ISO9001/ISO14001
icon IC semiconductor wafer probing
Wafer size: 8" and 12"
Wafer thickness: 250~2000um
icon 1.Max. probe card diameter: 480mm
2.Footprint: D 1635mm*W1900mm*H1565mm
3.Weight: 3100kg ( including manipulator)
4.Z axis load: max. to 350 kgf
5.Chuck flatness: 15um
6.Temp range: -40~150℃
7.Low temp. U%: ±1.5℃
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