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  Semiconductor III-V Group - TMC - STACIS 2100

icon Active Piezoelectric Vibration Cancellation Systems.
icon Great performance especially for the low frequency(10Hz<)
icon Easy to maintain & durable.
Main Features:
icon Provides greater than 90% isolation at frequencies greater than 2 Hz, vertical and horizontal
icon Reduces fab floor construction costs, allows tools to be installed in higher vibration environments
icon Active hard-mount architecture: active element in series with passive isolator, sensors decoupled from payload
icon Compatible with tool’s internal isolators due to the impedance mismatch
icon Sub-Hz isolation, no low frequency drift
Standard Certification:
icon ISO: 9001: 2008
icon STACIS® is the world’s most advanced active vibration cancellation system. Employing advanced inertial vibration sensors and state-of-the-art piezoelectric actuators, STACIS cancels vibration in real time by sensing floor vibration, then expanding and contracting piezoelectricactuators to filter out floor motion. STACIS is now the industry standard solution for the most sensitive instruments in noisy environments.
icon • Active degrees of freedom: 6
• Active bandwidth: 0.6~150Hz
• Settling time after a 10 lb (4.5 kg): 0.3sec
• Operating load range per isolator: 400 - 4,500 lb(182 - 2,045 kg)
• Number of isolators: 3 or more
• Isolation above 2.0 Hz: 90%
• Isolation above1 ~ 2Hz: 50~80%
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