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 Semiconductor III-V Group - RAVE

RAVE LLC develops, markets, and sells equipment for semiconductor, photomask, and nanotechnology industries. The company’s products include Rhazer, a haze removal system used in preventive maintenance, post –cleaning, and re-cleaning application during wafer production.
Merlin, a nanomachine mask repair system, 15nm , nanomachining technology used in the precision repair of photomasks. fp-III, Femtosecond pulsed through pellicle repair laser system.It serves customers through a network of sales representatives worldwide. RAVE LLC was founded in 1996 and is base in Delray Beach, Florida with sales and service offices in Asia, Europe, and the United States.

icon fp-III
icon Merlin
icon Rhazer: Removing haze on mask by laser technology without pellicle removal
Contact:Jessica Kuo
Phone :+886-6-599-5149 Ext: 6710
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