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  Semiconductor III-V Group - Neutronix Quintel - NXQ4000 Series Mask Aligner

NXQ8000 Series Mask Aligner
The NXQ8000 series offers a scalable, high volume production platform.
 ━ Manual or Auto Load
 ━ Contact or Proximity
 ━ Manual Align or Auto Align
 ━ Up to 300mm Wafers
Main Features:
  ■ Wafer sizes from Pieces up to 200mm diameter Manual Load, 50mm up to 200mm Robot Load
■ Standard on Auto Load Systems: State of the art dual arm robot from Milara Corporation
■ Logosol Pre-Aligner – detects opaque, semitransparent and transparent wafers
■ Up to Four software configurable cassette I/O stations
■ Quadcam Microscope – Two high resolution CCD cameras per objective, switch between Wide View and High Magnification without refocusing
■ Production Enclosure
■ Windows based menu driven Graphical User Interface (GUI)
■ Fully Motorized X-Y-θ Alignment, controlled with electromagnetic linear motors
■ Automatic Alignment with Smart Align Technology
■ Motorized top and bottom microscopes with recipe stored positions
■ LED thru objective illumination with recipe stored intensity settings
■ Easy manual tray-load for loading wafers or pieces
■ Multiple contact and proximity exposure modes
Standard Certification:
  ■ Microelectronics
■ 2.5D Interposer
■ MicroFluidics
■ Compound Semi
■ Solar (HCPV)
■ Optoelectronics applications
  ■ Exposure Modes: Soft, Pressure, Vacuum Contact and Proximity Printing Modes
■ Print Resolution: Proximity – 3um at 20um gap
  ━ Soft Contact – 2um
  ━ Hard Contact – 1um
  ━ Vacuum Contact – 0.6um
■ Cycle Time and Alignment Accuracy (3 sigma)
  ━ First Mask Mode 130+ wph
  ━ TSA Auto Align Mode (Contact) +/-0.5um 110+ wph
  ━ TSA Auto Align Mode (Proximity) +/-0.5um 110+wph
  ━ BSA Auto Align Mode (Contact) +/-0.75um 100+wph
  ━ BSA Auto Align Mode (Proximity) +/-0.75um 100+wph
■ Substrate Size: Up to 8”, Up to 10mm thick
■ Mask Size: 3” X 3” up to 9” X 9”; Mask Adaptors are available for smaller Masks
■ Alignment Stage Alignment Travel X-Y and Theta Motorized with automatic re-centering
  ━ X-Y Movement: +/- 4mm, 100nm resolution
  ━ Theta Rotation Range: +/- 7.5 degrees, 4x10e-5 resolution
  ━ Mask/ Wafer separation: 0 – 1000um with 1um resolution
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