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  Semiconductor III-V Group - KLA-Tencor - MicroXam-100 / MicroXam-800 Optical Profiler

MicroXam-100 / MicroXam-800 Optical Profiler
Step Height Measurement, Etch depth, Roughness, Waviness
Main Features:
icon The MicroXAM-100 / MicroXAM-800 is an optical surface profiler from KLA-Tencor's surface metrology product line. This non-contact, white light interferometry system differentiates itself with an innovative yet simple user interface. It features a powerful suite of functions to support the broadest range of applications.
Standard Certification:
icon SEMI S2, S8, and S14
European CE
WEEE and RoHS V 2002/95/EC
icon Semiconductor, LED, LCD, Photovoltaic, Material, LCD, Thin Film
icon MicroXam-800
1. 250 µm closed loop Z-range piezo
2. 1.4 megapixel camera, 1360 x 1040
3. SMART mode, ZSI, PSI (phase mode), and VSI (vertical scan mode)
4. 152 x 152 mm motorized XY-sample positioning stage
5. 125 mm motorized Z-stage with an optional 76 mm offset block
6. (optional) 360X theta stage
7. Green and white solid state light sources
8. 1.4 megapixel camera
9. Powered by new software platform V simple, yet powerful software
10. Windows 7, 64-bit with MS Office
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